Travelling with your children to a foreign country can be daunting, may raise a lot of questions and requires A LOT of planning. Despite the negative media, be rest assured that Bali IS the perfect destination to have a relaxing holiday with your children…. yes I did just put “relaxing” and “holiday with children”  in the same sentence!

Kids in Bali tells you the best places to stay, eat and play...gives you tips on what to look out for and also provides some suggestions for some kid-free time. 

About Bali



Bali is an island of Indonesia and is situated 8 degrees from the equator, in the Java Sea. Bali's location is 4,555 km (2,830 miles) from Australia and is situated between Indonesia's islands of Lombok and Java. Bali is a province of Indonesia. Denpasar is Bali's largest and capital city and is located in the south of Bali.

Things to look out for in Bali

Being a foreign country, there are some things that you should be aware of before you travel...especially with kids. 

What Should I Look Out For?